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Have you met Kendi?

January 28, 2011

She’s one of my most favorite bloggers, posting a beautiful photo of what she’s wearing almost everyday. Not only does she have A+ style, and a great since of humor, but her outfits are simply inspiring.

Since I’ve been reading KendiEveryday, I’ve stumbled across several pieces that I OWN TOO! Which means, thanks to Kendi, I’m now inspired to wear my everyday pieces in new (and super cute) ways!

Item One: My (15.00 steal) Target blazer. I’ve been wearing it with J. Crew skinnys, a white and/or grey tank, a big necklace, and a scarf for chilly days.

meanwhile Kendi…

Item Two: My Favorite Gap Skirt. (You may remember it from here.) I wore it on Christmas day with my new Wedgwood earrings.

on Kendi…

Item Three: Silk Ann Taylor Loft top (another steal at 12.00!) I’ve been wearing this too with skinny jeans and a big necklace.

but next weekend, I’ll be taking Kendi’s advice and wearing it like this…

{images found right here}

be inspired. (and go follow Kendi!)

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