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More Rue Mag Please!

September 18, 2010

I discovered the joy that is Rue Magazine I couple days ago, but I’ve finally put my words together to fill you in. (I must admit it’s been a struggle, cause my enthusiasm is too much for words.)

Rue Magazine launched on September 16th. (How I discovered it on its launch date is beyond me.) It’s the collaborative efforts of fellow bloggers Anne Sage and Crystal Gentilello and it is chocked FULL of design goodness.

Can I tell you how I found it?? Well, amidst all the blogs I read, design blogs are my faveeeeeee. (Specifically print and paper design) Among those blogs I have a few that stand out among the rest; MaeMae Paperie is one, probably number 1. (other greats include Oh So Beautiful Paper and Oh My Deer) So, Guess who’s featured in the first issue of Rue Mag? Yes, it’s none other than the beautiful Megan, of MaeMae Paperie!

[images via MaeMae Paperie]

If you’re loving MaeMae as much as I am, or can’t get enough Rue, then you MUST check out Rue Extras!

MaeMae has designed a stationary set for Rue readers and I am one happy camper =D!

I made sure to download it and print it ASAP and now all my girlfriends are getting MaeMae’s cards this week, YAY!

Like what you see? Get it HERE!

And thats not all folks, Rue has two other stationaries plus playlists, movies and recipes all for YOU to download!

Thank you Thank you Rue and MaeMae for making my weekend!


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