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Mellowed Out

August 5, 2010

Pizza is my comfort food, and by far makes me feel better than any-other food could. It’s sad but true. I like it almost anywhere, honestly.

Maybe it’s cause I’ve been pizza deprived for the last week or so, but I’m feeling the need to fill you in on my favorite pizza of all time: Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers.

My first Mellow experience was in Charleston, SC. …and boy was is yummy!

The menu isn’t much more than pizza, salads, and beer; but the variety of these three is outrageous. They even offer gluten free dough and vegan options.

My current favorite thing on the menu is the Kosmic Karma.

Sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, feta, fresh tomatoes, with a swirl of pesto. It’s heaven on a plate. But what makes the pizza so delectable is the crust, sprinkled with parmesan and made with spring water.

so don’t even get me started with the pretzels, made from the same dough…

In my mind you can’t have pizza without salad, so while you’re at it, grab a Brutus Salad.

Check out, grab some grub, and let me know what your favorites are!

Bon Appetite!


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