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Hello Lola

July 30, 2010

Today some friends took my mom and I to the cutest little eatery in Nixa, MO.

Imagine a Mayberry eatery with lots of pizzaz and you have Lola’s! Its a hidden gem; Or not so hidden, cause when we arrived, it was packed. Its an old house, gutted and transformed into a locals’ eatery. Add a bit more grease to the menu and Lola’s would be a Diner Drive-Ins and Dives favorite!

Here she is, in all her glory…

The inside couldn’t have been more homey with its old photo’s and mismatched chairs

Here’s some of the highlights from our meal,

The Ultimate BLT

Mimi’s Chicken Salad Salad, A Lola’s signature

A new item on the menu, the Fiji Apple and Ham Sandwich, on PRETZEL BREAD!

more Chicken Salad on a Croissant with Lola’s super yummy French Onion Soup

I enjoyed my Mediterranean Salad and French Onion soup, to say the least

But our trip to Lola’s couldn’t have been complete without dessert. Lola’s is famously known for desserts like their Fresh Strawberry Cake, Four Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake, and Pies galore! Of course we couldn’t try them all, but here’s what we did try…

The Key Lime Cake

Four Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake

and at Lola’s they cut all their cakes on the edge, just like Grandma, so everyone gets extra frosting.

Next time your in Missouri, check out Lola’s you won’t regret it and your Grandma will be proud.

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