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fika on steroids

July 12, 2010

yesterday was my belated Birthday, and boy was it a day!

Around 11:30am Tammy came over with presents in hand, I was immediately shocked, because I thought that the day was my gift, but no this sweet woman goes above and beyond every time! She gave me new super awesome cookbook and (this is where my boyfriend flips out) two Le Creuset dishes. What is Le Creuset you ask? Its the best of the best in pots and pans, and I legitimately never thought I’d be a proud owner. (Cole the larger dish is perfect perfect for your favorite manicotti.)

Before (I thought the ballon was a fun touch)

After (I'm in awe)

Next, she put me in the car and we jetted off to Da Campo Osteria, a super cute resturant located in a boutique hotel in Fort Lauderdale. (oh, I forgot to mention that when I got in her car, my starbucks drink was waiting on me. In case you’re wondering, Tammy drinks 4 shots over ice, daily, its impressive) Upon our arrival to the restaurant, Tammy tells the host that there will be four of us eating. I couldn’t imagine who it would be!! Within minutes, two of my most favorite friends Monica and Faith showed up, and now the party was complete:) We had yummy basil chicken and their hand pulled fresh mozzarella, amazing. Everything about it was fabulous, minus the part where Monica and Faith had to go back to work :(

ok, so here’s where I make my big “you HAVE to go” pitch. Tammy knows I love Miami so after lunch we drove down. Now Tammy also knows I love/miss fika in Sweden with all my heart. So she took me to a coffee boutique. Yes, you read right. I’m not even sure how to describe it, but it was one of the coolest places I’ve been in a long time. Its called Nespresso and its a coffee maker where you insert theses pods and it makes your espresso. The Nespresso coffee boutique we went to was a store where you can purchase these machines as well as enjoy  fika (coffee) with friends! I had the Two Chocolate Mouse, and the Liégeois, a shot of espresso (my choice: Decaffeinato Intenso) over a scoop of ice cream, YUM!

I didn’t want to leave!

Go check it out for yourself!


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