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I keep starting posts and not finishing them

April 9, 2010

lame lame lame….

I’m still up studying

and I want to be in bed



God is GOOD!

I get to go on a date tomorrow night:) with the most godly boy I know

I am blessed beyond words

I have a bed to sleep in tonight…

and enjoy time with Lord when I wake up

I have beautiful girlfriends who are the perfect complement to my life

I have a super great job

… no complaints here!


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  1. Momma permalink
    April 22, 2010 4:10 AM

    And you blog, and you post, and you cook, and you educate, and you love! Mikie, you are the best. I’m ever so proud of you. I look at all the talents the Lord has blessed you with, shake my head, and wonder just where God is going to land your pretty little toes. I think of the time I told you you should be a lawyer. Do you remember your response? You said, “I just hate that, “that” when people tell me what I “should” be, I don’t want to do or be just one thing, I want to do it all!! Well, you are well on your way. I love watching you enjoy life as God intended. Be assured of my love…

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