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I’m supposed to be sleeping, instead I’m blogging

February 21, 2010

So after a super long day, nothing could be more relaxing than to come back to my place and sit with Cole on the couch and enjoy eating the leftover Butterfinger cake. Yum. (side note, if you do make the cake, its 10 times better frozen)

Things I’m lovin right now….

A-Mazing! Go get your copy today!

How to Boil Water: This could quite possibly be my new favorite book. The recipes are super simple! But not only are the recipes simple, the book also has tons of “how-to” in the kitchen info; including which pots and pans to own, how to know when an egg is boiled, and how to chop garlic. The concept for the book is genius. Thank you Steph for letting me borrow it!!! (We have a cookbook trade off going on:))

YAY! now a 10 dollar box of tea costs a dollar or less in individual eco friendly packages.

Individual Republic of Tea Bags: I splurged today and picked some up. And I am just so excited to use it!!!

Filming “5”: One of my life goals was fulfilled as I got to be in a commercial during the season finale of “5”.

filming a commercial about overpacking with Cole for "5" video series for the Missions Department at school

but when am I not loving Real Simple?

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